about me

I’m a Boston-area dilettante: student, teacher, tutor, researcher, bartender, art appreciator, pasta eater, cheese fiend. Why not add blogger to the list?

I live with my boyfriend, M, and three (ugh) cats, MM, L, and D.

I first named this site The Lemonade Jellybean, because any time I undertake travel that will last more than 2 hours, I bring a bag of jellybeans with me. My favorite lemonade is and always will be Del’s. One winter day while taking a shower, I decided I would finally start this blog and thought I would call it Lemonade, after one of my favorite things and because I was wishing for summer. Well, that name was taken so I thought I’d call it after one of my other favorite things, jellybeans (jelly beans?). Also taken.  “I do really like lemonade jellybeans…” I thought.

In typical fashion, I was sick of the name a few days in and decided to go with my initials. Trusty, old initials that I haven’t gotten sick of in several decades. I do love a monogram!

Questions? Suggestions? Email me at thelemonadejellybean@gmail.com.



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