Olivia Bee Photos

Several years ago, as a recent college grad with a job that allowed a lot of internet browsing, I came across Olivia Bee’s Flickr account. I fell in love with the dreamy images and used my mom’s upcoming birthday as an excuse to buy a print. It was part of this series:

Olivia Bee balloon series

Olivia Bee crown

Looking at them with 2015 eyes, they kind of have a True Detective vibe, no?

I sent Olivia a check (err, two checks. the first one bounced. I may not be good with money) and she sent me the print. I got it framed and it hung in my parents’ room for a while, but now it hangs in my old room. I love seeing it when I visit.

Now, Olivia Bee has photographed for Addias, Hermès Paris, New York Times, and Madame Figaro. I like to think I had a good eye!

All photos by Olivia Bee.


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