Natural Face Wash

My trip down memory lane got me thinking about other things I loved about magazines in my teens. I got a flashback to an issue of YM that had, on a single page, instructions for two things I use to this day. First, a recipe for pasta salad by Jamie Oliver. Second, a two-ingredient face wash.

In a bowl, combine the white of one egg with lemon juice (maybe from abut two wedges? I think any amount is fine). Beat with a fork until the mixture is frothy and apply to your face. Within a few minutes, your face will feel stiff and it will by dry to the touch. Rinse with warm water and enjoy skin that is crazy soft. I did this yesterday and my boyfriend kept touching my face and marveling at how soft it was (to the point where he had to backtrack: “I mean, I’m not saying your skin is usually not soft or anything…”).  I have dry skin on my upper arms in the winter (I love a hot shower), so I used the rest on my arms and rinsed in the shower.

Thanks, YM!


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