What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin Bedchel Test

I don’t watch much tv (well, I do if you count watching 30 Rock on Netflix over and over) but lately I find myself looking forward to new episodes of Jane the Virgin. This is nothing surprising…Gina Rodriguez did just win the Golden Globe for her portrayal of Jane, after all.

Why do I like it? And why did Rodriguez win the CW its first ever Golden Globe? Well, for starters, the writing and acting are just plain good. And that, to me, means funny, relatable, quick-witted, and grounded in reality even as the show has fun with its telenovela origins. I mean, the whole thing starts with an accidental insemination and gets exponentially more bonkers. But all the while, the characters, especially the female characters, resist caricature.

Which brings me to the real reason I think this show is so awesome and why people are getting on board. There are so many female characters. They are protagonists! They are villains! They are virgins and they are sexually active and they have major aspirations and they are totally fine with being a waitress right now because the hotel is close to their gym and lets them drink for free (and you better believe that Orange is the New Black‘s Diane Guerrero sells that line). They speak to each other in English and Spanish and Czech. They blow the Bechdel Test out of the water.

All of which makes Rodriguez’s Globes acceptance speech that much sweeter. We can and we will.


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